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  • Business Gift Set
  • Mi Power Bank (Pro Edition)
  • Mi Thermostat Electric Kettle
  • Eco-friendly folding lunch box with cutlery
  • Corporate business gifts
  • Mobile phone holder with charger
  • Wood Valet, Phone Dock
  • Mirror phone case
  • Auto Magnetic Mug
  • Mid-autumn activated carbon carving gift
  • Mid-Autumn Mooncake Towel
  • Hand-held soft water bag
  • Smart travel sub-bottle
  • Outdoor sports invisible pockets
  • Data line hand strap
  • Automatic card holder
  • Mirror wireless charger
  • Ceramic Lantern tea set
  • iScent PAD
  • Molecule Aroma V1
  • Mirror display charger
  • Automatic recycling reel
  • Portable Silicone Headphone Earphone Cable
  • Creative cactus coaster
  • Silicone cover sports towel
  • Car emergency hammer
  • Woven Survival Bracelet
  • LED light box mobile power
  • Suction cup wireless charger
  • Bottle opener data line
  • Wireless charger mouse pad
  • Archon BEMOVED Heart Rate Tracker
  • Ultra-thin self-contained line charger
  • Personalized wooden photo portrait
  • Smart Watch
  • Wood-set Storm Glass
  • Dice cup USB
  • Portable multi-juice cup
  • Nano mobile phone sticker
  • Household ultrasonic cleaning glasses machine
  • Smart Coffee Mug
  • Heart shaped mirror light
  • UV disinfection machine
  • Automatic beer bottle opener
  • Dice Bluetooth player
  • Intelligent constant temperature health cup
  • Water energy clock
  • Bamboo fiber lunch box
  • Rabbit magnet alarm
  • Aircraft USB extender
  • Soda can humidifier
  • Foldable keyboard
  • Portable electric laundry bar
  • Passport and Luggage tag set
  • Light bulb USB
  • Lipstick selfie stick
  • Multi-function electronic scale
  • Hourglass night light
  • Jelly gravity alarm clock
  • Dual-purpose electronic skipping rope
  • Clip-on LED Light
  • Set of Stainless steel straw
  • Wireless charging notebook (8000mah)
  • Fingertip Gyro USB
  • Bamboo Straws Set
  • Screen Cleaning Spray
  • Eggshell Potted Plants
  • Cuozao Suit
  • Silicone Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard
  • Portable Key Chain Charger
  • Flat Bottle
  • Logo Tea Brick
  • Personalized Playing Cards
  • LED Shoe Clip Light
  • Super-mini Telescopic Umbrella
  • Bikit Guard
  • Multi-functional Admission Package
  • Magnetic Cube Calendar
  • Mini Card Holder
  • Reverse Umbrella
  • Maglev football Bluetooth Speaker
  • Bluetooth Folding Headphones
  • Herb & Fish Connect
  • Bluetooth Wireless Microphone Peak
  • LED Mini Advertising Light Box
  • Mi Smart Bracelet (Generation 2)
  • Ultrasonic House Humidifier
  • Lucky Star Hand Warmer
  • Multi-function Tool Card
  • Creative Timer
  • LED Colorful Ice Bucket
  • Hot and Cold Bag
  • Double Sealed Bottle
  • Sealed Crisper
  • Mobile Power Bank Umbrella
  • Touch LED Small Desk Lamp
  • Fast Wireless Charger
  • Umbrella Cover
  • Thermos cup
  • Archon TOUCH Fitness Wristband
  • Cute styling touch light
  • Carving Wine Bottle
  • Super Thin Powerful Fan
  • Wireless ChargingTray
  • Table Clip
  • Parker Notebook Gift Set
  • Aromatic Diffuser
  • Video Brochure
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  • Diatomaceous Earth Absorbent Mat
  • Fluorescent Message Clock
  • Flower Seedlings Calendar
  • Windmill Calendar
  • Dual-use Neck Pillow
  • Colorful Light Bulb Humidifier
  • Solar Powered Light
  • Multi-purpose Tray
  • Anti-theft Backpack
  • Labtop Felt Case
  • Compass Thermometer Whistle
  • 5 colored Highlighter Box set
  • Pen Holder Touch Desk Lamp
  • Rainbow Clamshell Airbag Comb
  • Moon Lamp
  • Smart Watch Mobile Phone Stand
  • 3D Vision Light
  • Inflatable Floating Bed / Combing
  • Blowing Lamp
  • Big Screen Mobile Phone Pocket
  • Simple Wooden Hourglass
  • Ceramic Hot Pot
  • Apple Desktop Vacuum Cleaner
  • Lightweight Bluetooth Speaker
  • Bricks USB HUB Calendar
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Power Bank
  • Jewelry Box
  • Make-up Pouch
  • Notebook with Swan Charm
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Watch Holder
  • Swan Magnet
  • Scarf
  • Beach Towel
  • Beach Bag
  • Champagne Cooler
  • Heart Lock with Key
  • Key Chain Belt Clip
  • Tote Bag with Pattern
  • Everyday Pouch with Margaret Zhang Pattern
  • Jewelry Clutch
  • Sweat Band & Jump Rope (Sporty Set)
  • Tote Bag
  • Water Bottle with Swan Sharm
  • Rotate Glowing USB
  • Bluetooth Ear plug Heart
  • Folding Umbrella
  • Crystal Photo Frame
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Folding Umbrella
  • Crystal Creations
  • Crystal Champagne Glasses (one pair)
  • Zodiac Crystal Series
  • Christmas Tree Crystal Ornaments
  • Christmas KRIS Bear
  • Christmas Snowman Ornament
  • Candy Cane Ornament
  • Christmas Wreath Ornament
  • Electric Scissors
  • LED Luminous Coaster
  • Dumbbell Alarm Clock
  • Magnetic Phone Mount
  • Virtual Reality Glasses VR Headset VR Box 3D Glasses
  • Mobile Sensors Speaker
  • Solar charger flowers
  • Music Box
  • Cell Phone Camera
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The Best Corporate Gift Ideas in Hong Kong

Reciprocity is fundamental to get along with people, business contacts even more so. More and more enterprises are using business promotional gifts to both show appreciation for their clients and to give them a reminder of the quality work they’ve done for them. Improve your business marketing results and open up more business opportunities with us.

Our business gifts ideas are the perfect starting point for your own, unique product. Hong Kong’s own Giftking provides a one-stop online platform, offering more than 1,000 different advertising and corporate gift ideas, business promotional gifts and souvenirs to major organizations, companies, banks, associations, schools and hotels in Hong Kong.

Show you clients and colleagues how much you value them with our business gifts

Finding high quality corporate promotional gifts ideas used to be a struggle. Not any more with Giftking. We offer Hong Kong a huge range of products covering stationery, electronics, homewares, apparel and more, as well as a collection of one-of-a-kind personalised items.

Available at a wide range of prices, and suitable for enterprises of all sizes, our business gift ideas will never fail to disappoint. From bags to pens to phone cases and more, we stock tried and tested gifts that are always appreciated alongside a wide selection of new and interesting products. Shop our collection and discover something new to present to your clients and customers.

Strengthen your network and your brand with our promotional gift ideas

Giftking has been providing the people of Hong Kong with excellent gifts for over 18 years. Our years of experience and expertise help customers improve brand awareness and strengthen their brand image. Through our years of operation, our company’s products have been well received gift more welcome and the size of the company's recommendation.

We suggest that any customers interested in ordering our corporate promotional gifts browse Giftking’s website, or email You can also call our on (852) 8111 1189. Contact us to get a quote and make an order.             

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Hot Products
  • A4 File
  • Advertising Fan
  • Rotate USB Flash Drive
  • Octopus Card Holder
  • Business Gift Set
  • Ultra-light hard shell Luggage Case
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Rolling slogan advertising pen
  • Portable Folding Backpack
  • Teddy Bear Charger
  • Eco-friendly folding lunch box with cutlery
  • Corporate business gifts
  • Notebook Gift Set
  • Mirror phone case
  • Environmental child stationery set
  • Mid-Autumn Mooncake Towel
  • Smart travel sub-bottle
  • Automatic card holder
  • Ceramic Lantern tea set
  • Automatic recycling reel
  • Reverse Umbrella
  • Portable multi-juice cup
  • Household ultrasonic cleaning glasses machine
  • Passport and Luggage tag set
  • Halloween candy handbag
  • Moon cake pillow
  • Travel Toiletry Bag
  • Bottled Ice Towel
  • Note Stickers Set
  • Smart Watch Mobile Phone Stand
  • Red Wine Bottle Opener Set
  • Inflatable Floating Bed / Combing
  • Fast Wireless Charger
  • Thermos cup
  • Super Thin Powerful Fan
  • Set of Stainless steel straw
  • Video Brochure
  • Wooden Wine Box
  • Lanyard
  • Labtop Felt Case
  • Desk Calendar
  • USB Charging Travel Plug
  • Luagge Tag
  • Medal Medallions
  • USB Cable Wristband
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Mobile i-ring
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